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10 Reasons Why I Meditate and You Should Too

10 Reasons why I Meditate and you should too:

1. Gain Inner Peace - reduce anxiety, stress, depression & burn out.

2. Increase Self Awareness - meditation increases thickness of prefrontal cortex - the area of the brain associated with attention and self-awareness. A better connection with your inner-intuition.

3. Makes you grounded and calmer - science has proven meditation has positive affects on heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity.

4. Makes you more present, enhances creativity and mental clarity

5. Increases your consciousness - a better connection with your surroundings, the people around you and the world around you. Greater awareness of the interconnection between everything around you.

6. Source of Inspiration - a better connection with your subconscious mind.

7. Rejuvenates you - Cures insomnia, enhances REM sleep & increases levels of melatonin. Refreshes the mind, body & spirit and even clears your chakra energies.

8. Increases your spiritual connection

9. Enhanced love life - meditation helps you become a more positive, more loving, more supportive, more open and available, kinder, gentler person and therefore you become a better partner.

10. Increases your fulfillment of life - provides an increased mastery of self, you become more positive, more creative, more grounded, more connected, calmer, more real version of you.

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Namaste Friends!