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There is much to be said about a beautifully designed flat invitation. Yet sometimes adding an extra special or tangible detail can make your stationery even more memorable to your guests. Here are five ideas we love.

1. Foil Stamping

gold foil monogram invitation

Whether it's used for a small accent or all the text in your design, metallic foil adds a beautiful shine to your invitation and can add a sense of formality. Foil stamping is also a perfect way to highlight certain words (ie: the couple's names or monogram) in contrast to flat ink on the rest of the invitation.

2. Painted Edges

2 edge painting moontree

Add a bold pop of color or sparkle to your invitation in an unconventional way. Edge-painting is especially effective on thicker paper stocks and looks fantastic when paired with an otherwise monochromatic design.

3. Belly Bands

3 belly band atheneum creative

Belly bands are both functional and eye-catching as a way to hold together all the components of your invitation suite. Choose a contrasting paper color or add calligraphy, letterpress or foil stamping to your belly band for an even more custom look.

4. Die-Cutting

4 die cut flourish letterpress

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box—literally. If you are looking for something more unique than the standard rectangle or square invitation, die-cutting opens up a world of possibility for custom shapes and cut-outs.

5. Tie-Ons

5 tie on hang tag flourish letterpress

Hang-tags, ribbon, string, and other tie-ons are a playful way to add three-dimensions to your flat invitation. Tie-ons are a useful alternative to belly bands for holding together all the components in an invitation suite.

With any custom detail you add to your invitation, don't forget to consider mailing or shipping as a factor. Extra weight or unusual sized envelopes may result in extra fees. Nevertheless, be creative and have fun! Your guests will be delighted by these thoughtful touches and become even more excited to share your special day.

Photo Credits:

1. Tie-On by Jay Adores


2. Foil Stamping Image: Invitation designed by Alisa Bobzien


3. Painted Edge Image: Invitation by Moontree Letterpress


4. Belly Band Image: Invitation by Atheneum Creative


5. Die-Cutting Image: Invitation by Flourish Letterpress


6. Tie-Ons Image: Design by Flourish Letterpress