The ever-alluring art subject: Graphic Design. Or more commonly, "You made that on a computer?!" Welcome to 12th & Lark Paperie, the newest division of Liv By Design! I'm Katy, the in-house LBD Graphic Artist - and I'm here to help you wade through what can typically feel inaccessible, overdone, or just plain foreign - Modern Graphic Design.

The Graphic Design industry is so much more than quick geometric shapes layered with text for a mailed flyer, or websites made from scratch. Of course, there's a market for that. But here in-house at Liv By Design, we strive to produce effective and unique designs that feel relatable to each individual client or event. We prefer to combine organic elements with digital renderings, and I'm pretty sure all of us here are in awe of clean compositions and neatly stacked text. Truth is, GOOD design is so much more about how the little details complement each other as a whole because less is ALWAYS more. (And trust me, "less" requires much more love to compose - but is absolutely rewarding in the end!!)


In the few months I've been paired with the fabulous LBD team, we've completely remastered our approach to graphic customization, in both our digital and printed presentations. We now offer full in-house graphic design capabilities for all of your event needs: full stationery packages, invitations, signage and paper goods for your big day, even one-off flyers or logos if you need something effective & beautiful in a limited amount of time! And guess what? We've created a sweet little name for this new division: 12th & Lark Paperie. We wanted a way to distinctly announce our new graphic design feature, especially since so many clients think of stationery as an afterthought - when they literally scramble to get things in place the week-of. We hope to put a stop to that stress, and coordinate the way there with easily approachable pieces & work that truly speaks to you and the theme of your dreams.

Personally, I'm a Pinterest fanatic. It's a great resource for design inspiration, particularly hand lettering & photo-perfect moments - I tend to look for the curious posts, those little gems found buried deep within the been-there, done-that styling (yes, I said it!) But while I use Pinterest as a huge source of inspiration, I continue to maintain my philosophy of keeping each piece I produce completely unique to the next. I'm a believer in the one-of-a-kind, and I love combining design ideas, elements, color palettes from an array of sources to create that perfect touch.

Graphic Design so easily creates reality for your vision, and allows for endless possibilities. Stay tuned each week as I open the doors to sophisticated, approachable design!

I'll be seeing you,