I didn't realize wedding planning could be so much fun!

Randi Dunlap

Liv - There is no way to adequately thank you for everything over the past almost two years. I hope you love the necklace. It is their April birthstone necklace to remind you of the wedding, but is convenient for your birthday!

From the first phone call I was immediately impressed by you and Katie. You are such a genuine, hardworking, intelligent person. Gorgeous on the inside and out. I didn't realize wedding planning could be so much fun or that I'd meet such amazing people. I always loved being with you and will always admire you.

I wanted a person wedding - unique, beautiful of course, and felt like "me." The end result exceeded every dream. I couldn't believe everything came to life and was so absolutely stunning. I loved all the vendors we chose and can't believe how talented everyone was. One of my favorite parts of the wedding was when the cocktail hour cleared and it was just you, Katie, Trevor and myself. I loved getting a moment to appreciate everything we created. I'm already missing the constant emails and of course the amazing planning trips. I would love, love, love to catch up with y'all next time I'm in town. I know you will continue to take the city by storm. I wish you the best at work and with your beautiful family. Thank you for the dream wedding, all the memories and your friendship. So lucky to have met you.

Lots of love - Randi