They're All Fantastic

Ladies, overbearing but caring mothers, aunts, cousins, bridesmaids listen up: Liv By Design Events is ah-mah-zing. I live in Los Angeles but am from a small town outside of Austin. When my (now) husband and I were planning our wedding, we immediately decided on Austin but I knew it'd be a challenge planning a wedding a thousand miles away. I had no idea where to start in the planning I hopped on a plane to Austin and met up with my mom to start trying to find a venue. By chance, while visiting Vista on Seward Hill, the owner mentioned a wedding designer and planner named Liv and said we'd be a good fit..this is all I knew of her. I called her immediately and the next day, we met. From the moment I sat down with her, I knew she was "the one". Her style, her personality, her creative ideas were exactly what I never knew I wanted. I unfortunately wasn't blessed with the gene that told me what I envisioned for my wedding day--Liv fulfilled that and more! I love her energy, enthusiasm and her passion for what she does. She goes above and beyond--for example, during the wedding planning process, she was visiting LA (where I live) for various reasons and took time out each time to have dinner or drinks with me to discuss the wedding. I consider her a friend now and love her dearly. Once the wedding day came, she was so much fun and her staff took it to another level--they are all so lovely from Natalie to Katie --they're all fantastic at what they do. Mayra will blow you away with her graphic design skills--everything she did made me so, so happy! To sum up my ramblings, I'll say this: if I hadn't hired Liv & her wonderful team, we would have ended up with who knows what--Denny's catering and a cake from a roadside stand? I pinky promise you will be thrilled, excited and so lucky to have Liv By Design planning your wedding day! ~ Emily B.