Liv Toepfer is committed to sharing the benefits of Yoga far and wide and understands the challenges of stress in the corporate world. Being an entrepreneur herself as the owner of Liv by Design and The Good Life Furniture Collection, she loves working with businesses to help fellow career folks find balance in their busy lives.

We offer both in-house Yoga Classes (at your office) or Private Classes for your Team (at a studio). These options offer a great way to incorporate the benefits of Yoga (physical & mental) by bringing the zen within as a weekly office perk for your team or for a special occasion such as a Team Meeting, Awards Ceremony, prior to a big conference, for your employees that have to travel often to help them shake off their jet lag or just as a social opportunity for team building.

We promise it will be fun and that you AND your team will sweat, laugh, find balance and have a good time.

Why Businesses are using Yoga to Drive Staff Productivity ….

Corporate Wellness Programs that include Yoga have so many benefits for the productivity of your employees. Aside from being low-cost, the teaching of physical poses using the concept of combined body and breath movement offers a holistic approach to both the physical and mental health of an individual. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and the physical movement leaves you with a sense of wellbeing and physical improvement, hence leading to an overall healthier happier employee.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in the East, more recently being adopted in the West as a hugely beneficial exercise. Not only does it strengthen the students body, but people who regularly practice Yoga generally experience:

  • Greater physical stamina across all aspects of life
  • Increased concentration and the ability to focus better, for longer
  • Improved stress management through the subconscious use of breathing techniques to stay calm
  • Improved immune system - a greater resistance to illness – less sick days!
  • Increased productivity through the improvement in concentration, focus, and enhanced calmness.
  • Overall greater contentment.

Who wouldn’t want a team of employees who demonstrate this type of overall well being! Bring on the good vibes with Liv by Design Yoga!

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